Modern explorers, always on the move and in constant search of a mysterious inner strength and connection with one's essence. A perfect combination of energy and harmony, Albert M's jewels evoke a primordial, mysterious and creative force.

Albert M. jewels are the perfect companions of modern explorers, helping them to express their personality and to travel new paths.



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Ink Finish patented technique

Research, experimentation and use of the best materials are the common thread of the Albert M collections. All jewels are made with precious raw materials and with high precision procedures that give the jewel a 'Second Skin' effect, pleasant to the touch, silky like a second skin. Made in Italy jewels made of 925 silver, a precious material that is made unique thanks to the "Ink Texture" finish: an exclusive technique that allows you to create a defined and flawless effect to the color and an ultra-definition of the surface, giving each creation a mysterious, shiny and detailed atmosphere. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are enriched with magnificent natural stones that embellish the jewels.