Modern explorers, always on the move in constant search of a mysterious inner strength and connection with their own essence. A perfect combination of energy and harmony, Albert M's jewels evoke a primordial, mysterious and creative force, capable of evoking precise sensations of seduction and mystery, memories, dreams and travels. Albert M. jewels thus become the second skin of modern explorers, helping them to express their own strong and decisive personality and travel new paths.

The Designer

The Mistero Collection of Albert M. bear the signature of Albert Mouhadab, creative soul of the jewels of the Milor group and expert gemologist. To celebrate his first 30 years of career, he created this brand that bears his name and which is the perfect expression of his highly innovative spirit. His creative excellence translates into precious artifacts with a classic root that blends with contemporary elements. Together with the team of designers he leads, Albert is aimed at men and women with a strong taste, who are looking for a style ally in jewelry capable of reinterpreting an entire look and making it special.


The Albert M. brand was born from an exclusive concept capable of representing the boundless dreamlike and earthly dimension through an essential design with contemporary patterns. A tribute to the original and iconic forms of land and sea that the brand presents through a bold collection full of mysterious stories. Mistero by Albert M. jewels are precious objects that find inspiration in the symbols of seduction, such as the Siren, and in the more transversal ones of the animal world: a precise pattern capable of deeply touching our most authentic desire for nature. Desert, Boa, Ocean are only the first inspirations collected during the real and imaginary travels of the Creative Director Albert Mouhadab for the brand he created.


Research, experimentation and use of the best natural stones are the common thread of the Albert M collections: all the jewels are made with the best raw materials and with high precision procedures that give the jewel a 'Second Skin' effect, pleasant to the touch, silky like a second skin. Made in Italy jewels made of 925 silver, a precious material that is made unique thanks to the "Ink Texture" finish: an exclusive technique that allows you to create a defined and impeccable effect to the coloring and an ultra-definition of the surface, giving each creation a mysterious atmosphere, shiny and rich in detail. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are enriched with magnificent natural stones that embellish the jewels.


Dedicate yourself to a sophisticated and fascinating woman, seductive and mysterious, passionate and feisty. Mistero jewels by Albert M are creations with an iconic design and a personality as unique as the woman who wears them. Jewelery created for a woman who leaves an indelible mark in her wake and who chooses to wear quality and refinement every day.

All women's jewelry


The Mistero Collection by Albert M for men takes inspiration from the charm of a leading, irreverent man with innate elegance. Design dares with innovative volumes for jewels with a strong personality dedicated to a cosmopolitan and dynamic man, always ready for an adventure.

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